Professional Web Designer

Here at Mike Johnson Design we strive to be the best professional web designer and developer as we can. With a firm concept of design, we maintain a clean and fresh look that will help drive more traffic to your website. With over 5 years of experience, we also create stunning websites that will help you sell more products and gain more customers. We know the importance of cleanliness which is why we code using HTML and CSS, with the occasional PHP and JavaScript. We write clean code. That’s our policy. We build websites from scratch or can even give your current website a facelift. Turnaround time depends on you and how quick you’d like your website completed.

How Does a Professional Web Designer Help My Business?

With any online business, your website is the main focus. A dirty, messy, and subjectively “ugly” website will drive away traffic and new customers won’t take the time to see what you have to offer. You will also lose potential money if your website is not user friendly. A professional web designer will create a web presence for you that best defines what you have to offer a new or existing customer. If you’re new to the web, a professional web designer is the best way to make a name for yourself.

Do I Need a Professional Web Designer?

Would you hire an unprofessional web designer to do terrible web work? Probably not. You’ll want to hire a professional web designer especially if you’re looking for great and quality service at an affordable price. Professional Web Designer With the integrity of Mike Johnson Design, you will hire a professional web designer and an experienced web developer. A web designer will give you a design but a web developer will make the site “work.” He/she will make the images “pop” and the buttons clickable. A web designer typically develops websites too.

What is SEO All About?

Mike Johnson Design has been around as a professional web designer for years and understands the importance of SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) does exactly that; it is a way to best represent your company using specific techniques and tactics to help customers find you on the web. You “could” have the best design in the world but without proper SEO practices, no one will ever find you. Mike Johnson Design designs websites around SEO, making it possible to have both a great design AND an SEO-friendly website!

As a professional web designer, I (Mike Johnso) personally guarantee you’ll love what we can do for you. Feel free to contact us any time to get a free quote.