High Page Rank

When you’re looking to gain more traffic to your website, a high page rank definitely helps. Google awards websites with a high page rank if they have: quality information, up-to-date content, and backlinks. There are a few tools you can download to check your page rank. Firefox: SearchStatus , Google Chrome: PageRank. These tools help you see your page rank.
High Page Rank

High Page Rank

How to Get a High Page Rank

Quality Content on Website: People do not like reading content that looks like it was written by a robot or some type of “spinner” program. Take 30 minutes to write a good article. The more people that come to your website looking for quality content, the better page rank (or high page rank) you’ll get.

Up-to-date Content: When a person comes to your website and notices that the last time anything was written was a few years ago, that quickly turns them off to reading your content. People want quality content and are looking for websites that make an extra effort to keep up-to-date with their writing. You’ll be awarded a high page rank if your continue writing at least 1 new article/blog per week.

Backlinks: By far, the best way to get a high page rank is to get backlinks. How do you get backlinks? You need to: submit manually written articles to article directories (with a link that contains your keyword somewhere within your content), write quality comments on dofollow blogs, and post your link in forums or other places where they allow commenting.

There are other ways to get a high page rank but the ways listed above are the most important.

How Does a High Page Rank Help My Website?

Since Google is the back-bone of the internet, and because Google created the ranking system, they control which sites show up as “relevant” to your search queries. High page rank websites show up higher than lower. The higher your page rank is, the more people will come to your site. Many people strive to get higher page ranks because they know that if or when they do, Google will rank their sites “more important” and they’ll start to show up in the search results. It has been said that the #1 position (search results page) on Google receives 50% of user clicks. If you hold the first position, you’ll be getting so many page views and your ranking will go up even higher (unless your website has terribly-written content and there’s nothing important there for users to see). Right now, this website has a fairly high page rank (3) and will hopefully increase over time as I write more articles and optimize my pages.