How to Update NameServers in GoDaddy

Anytime you sign up for a new website hosting company (or it’s your first time with a new website), you’ll need to know how to update nameservers where ever you purchased your domain. For this example, I’ll be explaining how to update nameservers in GoDaddy (domain registrar).

The good news is that updating nameservers is easy!

To update nameservers in GoDaddy, all you do is log into your account.

log into godaddy account

After logging in, scroll down to where it shows a list of your domain names and click DNS.

select DNS

Next up, your GoDaddy account might look different than mine but ultimately you’ll want to¬†use custom nameservers (because you don’t want your site hosted with GoDaddy – their shared hosting websites are SLOOOW) so choose that option.

changing name servers

Lastly, if you chose to use SiteGround as your dedicated hosting company, you should have received an email containing your custom name servers. Enter these in the fields below. Hit Save. You’re done!

adding correct name servers

Updating nameservers is needed any time you buy a new domain name that isn’t parked or forwarded to another domain.