How to Link to a File Within a WordPress Page

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I was recently asked to create a simple tutorial to help a non-Wordpress user understand how to (and be able to) upload a media file and then link to that file within one of their pages. Here’s the tutorial:

1) Log into site’s administrator dashboard.

2) Hover the mouse pointer over the Media tab and choose “Add New.”
add new media file to wordpress

3) Click the button labeled “Choose File” and choose the file you want to upload.
choose media file

4) After selecting the file you want to upload, click Upload.
upload media file

5) After uploading your file, you will be redirected to your Media Library. This page shows all uploaded media files.

6) Hover the mouse pointer over the file you want to link to and select the “edit” option.
edit media file

7) In the right hand corner, you will notice a section entitled “Save”, using your mouse, select the URL by triple clicking with your left mouse button. Press control + c (PC) or command + c (mac) to copy the File URL.
copy file url

8) You will then need to determine where you want to paste this File URL. For this example we will be posting this URL into one of our pages.

9) Select the “Pages” tab (left hand side).
select pages from menu

10) Find the page you want to insert the File URL and click its page title to edit the page.
edit page to insert link

11) You will then need to select the text you want linked to this file (step 6).

12) Once you have your desired text selected, click the “link” button (below) and paste the File URL into the URL input field.
link upload button

13) If you want the file to open in a new browser tab, select the “Open link in a new window/tab” checkbox.

14) Click “Add Link.”
add link

15) When you’re done adding all of your hyperlinks, make sure to click Publish (right hand side under “Publish” section) or click “update” if you have previously published this page.
publish or update

I hope this tutorial was easy to understand. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

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