Get a Website Fast!

What I’m about to tell you is common knowledge but many people don’t realize how much time they can actually save by buying a domain name and website hosting before contacting a professional website designer. You need these 2 things before you can get a custom website:

1) Buy a Domain NameDomain Name
2) Purchase Web Hosting

Website Hosting

1) Here’s the link: Click Here
2) Select “Web Hosting” from navigation
3) Choose the “Baby Plan” for 1 year (or however many years you want) and click the “Order Now” button
4) Select “I already own this domain” and type in the domain you want to make your primary domain
5) Fill out your information
6) Use the coupon code: REDEEM25NOW for 25% off

Without either one of the above, you cannot have your own website. Yes, you can sign up for a blog but you won’t be able to fully customize your site. Just go to and get a $10 domain name, i.e. (taken already) but you get the idea. Get hosting. Contact me and I will get your website up and running in no time.