Free WordPress Installation

3 Easy Steps to Starting Your Blog Today

The ONLY thing you have to do to get this free installation is follow these steps…

1) Order a new web hosting plan from SiteGround:

sign up with siteground website hosting

Click here to sign up with SiteGround

On the SiteGround home page, click “WordPress Hosting” and then select the appropriate hosting plan. I recommend the “GrowBig” plan because it’s the best bang for your buck. With this plan, you’ll be able to add an unlimited amount of domains at no extra cost!

2) After ordering your website hosting, send me an email with your new plan details (which will confirm your new hosting account) and I will install WordPress for you.

This is a pretty sweet deal
You get a reliable hosting plan. You save 50% on cost. I set everything up.

3) Once the installation is complete, I will send you an email with easy steps on changing your password, keeping your website secure, and how to change the site’s design. If you’re interested in me updating your site further, you can see my hourly rate and bulk pricing here.

You can have your new blog up and running in less than 90 minutes!


As a full-time web developer, one of the biggest questions I get asked is, “how do I set up WordPress?” Since technology is advancing, it may seem difficult for the average user to “connect via FTP, upload the WordPress Framework files, activate plugins, and log into their WordPress Administration dashboard.”

If you aren’t familiar with anything I just said, then you’re going to love my free WordPress Installation service.

When your order this free service, I won’t just install WordPress. I’ll set your site up so it has the most extensive plugins to make your new website as fast and secure as possible. I promise.

What’s The Catch?

No catch. This service is completely free and secure. I host my professional website (the one you’re on right now) with SiteGround and trust them completely. I’ve seen dramatic speed increases after switching to their hosting platform and guarantee you’ll notice a difference too!

Asking another professional (like ThemeForest) to install WordPress for you will easily cost you $50. I’m willing to do this service for free, so long as you sign up using my affiliate link with SiteGround. Using my link will give you the best price and discount!

Worried about security?

I will also include easy, step-by-step instructions on changing your login passwords. I won’t keep any of your SiteGround information and once I’m done, I will completely destroy all log in information.

The bottom line

If you’re ready to start a blog but aren’t sure how to begin, I highly recommend using my free service.

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