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ArticleRanks Over the past few months, I have been trying to find a good way to rank my “money” websites in the different search engines results pages (SERPs). I’ve come across more than 15 article submission directories (such as ArticleRanks, Authority Link Network, BuildMyRank, SEO Link Vine, LinkVana, SEO Destiny) that “claim” you’ll get a ton of high quality baclinks which will help you rank higher in the SERPs using their system. I was very hesitate to sign up with these different sites mainly because they have a monthly fee (some of which were $89 a month!). How could I pay that if I wasn’t making any money yet? So I decided to search for a free option. I found a website that did what I wanted called Authority Link Network (ALN). It allowed me to add a few high page ranked websites to their system. These high PR sites would earn me daily credits. With those credits, I was able to submit articles daily (the number of articles was dependent upon how many high PR sites I added to the system). Within 2 months of using ALN, I had gained a few hundred backlinks per website I submit articles for. I started seeing my websites appear higher in the SERPs and got really excited when I started making money from these websites. AND THEN…I started dropping in the results and haulted completely from making money. But why?! I was building backlinks. I was article marketing the correct way, right?

Apparently, Google (for example) allows newly created websites to experience a “honeymoon” phase where, in the SERPs, you’ll get pushed to the top to see what it feels like to rank high. So, this whole time, I thought ALN was working! Ahh. After I started dropping in rankings, I thought I needed to find a different article submission site to help me rank back up to the top. And that’s when I found ArticleRanks (AR).

What Does ArticleRanks Do?

ArticleRanks allows you to submit spun articles (yes, I know people claim that submitting spun articles might not be the best way to do article marketing, but hey, I’m still in my trial-and-error mode here). Those articles get distributed to different high PR sites, social bookmarking sites, and RSS feed sites. Submitting articles through these other types of web 2.0 sites, apparently allows for quick indexing. In theory, the quicker you can get articles with links to your sites indexed, the faster you’ll rank for certain keywords. At least that’s what I’ve read. ArticleRanks is one of the least expensive article marketing sites, coming in at $39 for adding 10 websites with unlimited articles or $89 for adding unlimited articles to unlimited websites (both are per month). There is a free option too but you can only use 6 website URLs within your articles and there is a low priority when distributing your articles. With the free site you don’t get your sites distributed to social bookmarking site, unlike what you get with the paid versions.

articleranks pricing

Inside ArticleRanks

I have only been using ArticleRanks for 1 week. But, in my first week, my sites have literally jumped up in the SERPs and I’m already getting more traffic. Here’s a quick look into the ArticleRanks system:

This first image is how many articles I’ve submitted over the past week. It shows how many of those articles have already been distributed.

This image shows where you add new articles. Take a look at the 4th image to view the format ArticleRanks requires for submission.

Here’s a quick shot of the rate in which my articles are accepted. The percentage of acceptance would by higher if I spent a few more minutes perfecting my spun articles. But I’m ok with this percentage 🙂

Here’s the format you’re going to need to use when adding articles to ArticleRanks. It’s really easy to add this extra format when using The Best Spinner.
exporting to articleranks format

ArticleRanks is really easy to use and it’s already giving me great results. I’m excited to see where I’m ranked over the next month. Hope this review helped and that you’re interested in signing up for ArticleRanks.

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