15 Best Free WordPress Themes

If you’ve ever tried to find the perfect WordPress theme, you’ll know this is a difficult task. There are tens of thousands of free WordPress themes available from the WordPress directory, web designer websites, and more. As a designer, I strive to use themes that not only look great but function properly. Since WordPress themes can be submitted by anyone, you will find terrible themes that don’t work correctly combined with a bunch of amazing themes that are better than some paid themes.

Getting your blog off the ground should be easy. With technology these days, you can have your blog/website up and running in 10 minutes or less! Here are my top 15 best free WordPress themes that look great!

1. Zenith

Demo | Download
zenith wordpress theme

2. Corporate

Demo | Download
corporate wordpress theme

3. Pronto

Demo | Download
pronto wordpress theme

4. Elegant

Demo | Download
elegant wordpress theme

5. Origami

Demo | Download
origami wordpress theme

6. Clean Retina

Demo | Download
clean retina wordpress theme

7. Responsive

Demo | Download
responsive wordpress theme

8. Hueman

Demo | Download
hueman wordpress theme

9. Expound

Demo | Download
expound wordpress theme

10. SuevaFree

Demo | Download
suevafree wordpress theme

11. Writr

Demo | Download
writr wordpress theme

12. Vantage

Demo | Download
vantage wordpress theme

13. Virtue

Demo | Download
virtue wordpress theme

14. Attitude

Demo | Download
attitude wordpress theme

15. Nova

Demo | Download
nova wordpress theme

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