Free WordPress Installation

3 Easy Steps to Starting Your Blog Today
The ONLY thing you have to do to get this free installation is follow these steps…1) Order a new web hosting plan:On the HostGator home page, click “Web Hosting” and then select the […]

Embedding SWF into HTML

First off, I don’t like working with video mainly because I don’t understand all the parameters and whatnot. So asking me to add video to your website is like asking me to change your car’s oil; I can do it […]

Cookies and Redirects

I bet many of you have all worked with cookies once or twice in the past, but if you’re like me…you haven’t. I have a client that needs something like this to happen: “If you’ve been to my site, go […]

Set Featured Image WordPress Not Working [RESOLVED!]

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Ok, so you’re going about your day like every other day. You found a helpful website and you’re eager to post about it. You log into your WordPress site and you see a new version of WP […]

FIX: Menu Hidden Behind Flash Object

I’m sure most of us have been through this once before…we add a flash object to our website and our navigation menu gets hidden behind it (mainly in older versions of IE). Not fun if you’re in a hurry and […]

Add WordPress Featured Image as Background Image

With WordPress, when you add a featured image to your page or post, the output of shows up like this:

If you try adding the post thumbnail code to a DIV:

the output will be:

The above does not work. […]

How to Link to a File Within a WordPress Page

I was recently asked to create a simple tutorial to help a non-Wordpress user understand how to (and be able to) upload a media file and then link to that file within one of their pages. Here’s the tutorial:

1) Log […]

How to Change Your Top 5 Featured Likes on Your Facebook Page

Styling Aweber Forms With Twitter Bootstrap

Default Aweber forms are UGLY! They’re fixed-width and non-responsive which is annoying especially when trying to overwrite their CSS.

Thankfully, you can use Twitter Bootstrap’s responsive CSS to change these forms with ease.

Download the Example

You’ll go from this…

To something […]

Show Facebook Likes as a Number

You might have seen at the top of my website I have a few social media buttons with numbers next to them. This tutorial will show you how to extract the number of Facebook “likes” and allow you to show […]