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Bootstrap 3 Full Width, Fluid Layout

Back in Bootstrap version 2.3.2 it was easy to make a 100% fluid width website because the developers had a class strictly for full width layouts BUT when they updated to version 3.0.3, they removed the “container-fluid” class. Even in […]

Coin: 8 Cards in One

“Coin” is a new device that completely removes the need for a wallet; and it seems like it will do a fantastic job. It acts just like a credit/debit/gift/membership card but can store up to 8 of those cards into […]

Name Cheap

NameCheap.com is a domain registrar. The often have better coupons than GoDaddy and they’re cheaper too! They offer domain TLDs such as .careers, .photos, .recipes, .shoes, and have really great online and offline support. They also offer shared hosting plans […]


I’ve been using GoDaddy for years. They are the #1 domain registrar and they do a great job at supplying quality domain names. They also offer website hosting but I personally think it’s best to keep your domain names separate […]


Bluehost has recently become the website hosting company I tell my new clients to use. Why? Their servers are fast, reliable, affordable, and they make installing WordPress REALLY easy with their one-click installation. I’ve used a few companies in the […]


“We eat up the competition.” They are the largest website hosting company and they do a really great job at it. I have been using HostGator for years and have never had a problem with them. Mike Johnson Design is […]

Theme Forest

After purchasing your domain name and signing up for a hosting account, you’re ready to start looking for website templates (or hiring me, of course). When I am strapped for time, I often send clients to ThemeForest.net. This is the […]

Template Monster

Another great resource for finding amazing website themes and templates is Template Monster. They have been in business since 2002 and have a collection of over 40,000 templates! They offer website templates for content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, […]


If you’re interested in learning how to write HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, or any other programming language…Team Treehouse is the place to learn. They offer really great prices on their monthly plans and they teach you exactly what you need […]